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Please don’t leave it last minute to get your Ad Campaigns active!

Written by: Rudy Heywood
June 11, 2024

We all get so busy in business that we can leave things last minute. When it comes to your Ad Campaigns that is something you do not want to do.

We see it all too often when businesses have bad relationships with creating Ad Campaigns because they didn’t do the 3 points below. People think Ads are a waste of money because they are looking for a super quick return, but it does need some TLC before getting to that point.

Knowing when to create an ad campaign and how to prepare is key, so we’ve provided 3 of our main tips on what to consider before going live with an Ad Campaign:


It seems so simple, but we get caught up with the horrendously long to-do lists that we end up scrambling to get last-minute Ad Campaigns on. Sometimes, Ad Campaigns can be stuck on learning for a while whilst it works out your audience and their behaviours so you can get the most out of your Ad. If you’re looking to sell some last-minute spaces for an event or you’re trying to get rid of some unwanted stock – it’s best to know ahead of the game so you can prepare an amazing Ad to go out and miss that last-minute rush.


The great thing about creating a strategy for your Ad Campaigns is that you’re also aligning and preparing for all the things that are happening in your business creating clarity which helps you stay ahead of the game. We advise looking at what is happening in your business year, brain-dumping it onto an excel spreadsheet and then planning what Ad Campaigns need to be created and when. One step more would be to batch create your Ads within a week for the year so all you need to do is turn them on when that specific time comes! All you need to do is pop a little reminder in your calendar. A strategy for your Ad Campaigns ensures that you are making the most out of your paid social media marketing, therefore, allowing you to generate that Return on Investment on a high-quality Ad Campaign.


This also falls under your category but deserves its very own explanation! If you understand the goal of your Ad Campaign fully before you create it, you have way more of a chance to see a return on investment on it as you have time to think clearly about it. A lot of the time we see people making Ad Campaigns in 10 minutes and because they rushed, it’s just a load of random stuff put together and they are not getting the response they want from it! Understanding what you want, but also what your potential customer wants, can be the perfect answer to a successful Ad Campaign.

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